Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is Supplement A Must For Us?

Do we need supplement when we reach the age of 40?

I am sure many of us must have hovered around the decision whether we should take supplement to boost our health, especially when peers around us have started their intakes.

Perhaps I can share with you about the advice I have from a friend who is a doctor. He told me that for a healthy adult, a well-balanced diet is sufficient to provide the necessary dietary requirements, regardless of age. This does not mean that we cannot take supplements because supplements can be useful if taken appropriately.

However, you should do some home works to find out the nature and benefit of supplement you intend to take. He further cited some common examples to illustrate his arguments. For example, research has shown that gingko biloba can improve mental function and memory while ginseng is useful in alleviating fatigue. Omega-3 fish oil may be effective in reducing one's risk of getting heart disease. When one has osteoarthritis, a condition caused by wearing of joint cartilage after many years of exertion and movement, he or she might consider taking glucosamine sulphate. Saw palmetto may be useful for improving symptoms of mild benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

One important thing to note is that people should never treat supplements as a substitute for a healthy diet. In order to have proper nutrition, one should also include other important components, such as fiber and essential fatty acids.

It is evident that some supplements may interact with other medications or may affect existing medical conditions. Therefore, it is essential for people who are taking medications to first check with their doctors or pharmacist to ascertain which supplements are suitable for them.

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